The Climate Coalition works with a wide range of experts and NGOs. If you do not find a suitable contact for you in the list, please contact the Climate Coalition coordinators who will be happy to advise you on who to contact or email us.

Lucia Szabová

Coordinator of Climate Coalition, Concerned Mothers​

Dana Mareková

Coordinator of Climate Coalition

environmental law, participation, EU processes, air protection

Juraj Melichár

Priatelia Zeme CEPA

energy and heating, EU funds, fossil gas, LNG terminal

Oto Hudec

Let's waste no time

engaged art

Jakub Hrbáň

The climate needs you

climate change, youth work, campaigns

Martina Paulíková​

Slatinka Association

water policy expert

Petra Ježeková


education for the future

Andrea Hajdúchová

WWF Slovensko

nature conservation, nature-friendly forest management, protection of rare forests and woodlands, biodiversity, river revitalisation

Ivana Maleš

INCIEN - Institute of Circular Economy

environmental policy, strategies in the circular economy

Simona Hlaváčová

Circular Hub

circular economy, social entrepreneurship, organising

Dan Kollár


cycling, sustainable transport

Daniela Piršelová

Climate Conference Slovakia

media, communication, local governments

Miroslava Žilinská​

Concerned Mothers, Psycho for Climate

psychology of the climate crisis